FIRST VIDEO: How to put your hair up when you have FINE and/or SHORT hair

In this blogpost I will show a video I have made (FIRST VIDEO EVER) where I will show you how to put your hair up in a ponytail or in a bun when you have very fine or short hair.
When you have very fine or short hair, you sometimes can get very frustrated when you want to put your hair up because you end up with a very sad bun or ponytail.
It just doesn’t look the best, right?
I have always been looking for ways to improve the fine hair I had and I think I found some good ways to deal with it and make the best out of it. I hope I can help some of you girls out there who are dealing with the same problems. Let’s just watch the video!

Oh and never mind my sometimes stupid mistakes while talking, Youtube has stopped making it possible to use annotations to correct my sentences when needed, so just so you know. 😉



0:21: Over the years I tried to change a little the fact that I have thin hair or to improve hair styles => Over the years I tried to improve my thin hair in different kinds of hairstyles. (I mixed up two different sentences I think)

2:15 : I took curly instead of straight. I don’t know why I said it was straight, lol.

You can order the ponytail clip in extensions on the website of Glamour your hair! If you are interested in buying it and you don’t really understand the Dutch language, then just contact them by sending a mail:

The hair donut you can find in most beauty & hair stores, so just go have a little walk in the city and I think you will get lucky.

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